Gniew Castle

Gniew - during the Mediaeval Era, this tremendous castle of the Teutonic Order kept guard over the environs and waterway of the Vistula River. From the 15th to 18th centuries, it was the seat of royal governors.

Today, it is a time machine allowing us to experience life in past centuries.

Realistic and immediate - the living history events of Gniew provide authentic insights and time travels for the visitors.
The most impressive views to take away - over 45 colour illustrations present the castle at its most attractive.

Historical overview - a sequential timeline makes the most important events understandable and assists with orientation in the past.

Overview of points of interest - perspectival cross-sections and accurate ground plans convey new insights and perspectives.

Castle Cloister

Monastic State

Power and Wealth




Viva Vasa!

Gniew Castle

Seat of
Teutonic commanders
royal governors