The Castle of the Holy Grail of the Fairytale King. The enormous paintings
tell the story of heroes of German legends: from Sigurd the dragon slayer to Gudrun the avenger; from Parcifal knight of the Holy Grail, to Lohengrin swan knight. Ludwig's dream castle became the embodiment of the quintessential ideal palace around the world...

The most impressive views to take away - over 100 photographs and colour illustrations present Linderhof at its most beautiful.
Vivid and immediate - clear illustrations give an authentic taste of life at the palace 100 years ago.

The sights in overview - elevation drawings and detailed floor plans provide new insights and perspective.

Overview of the history - a chronological timeline sets out the significant events and aids understanding of overall historical context.

Ludwig II

Hero Worship

Castle of the Holy Grail


Cult of Wagner




Dream castle of the Fairytale King