Gisela Schinzel-Penth

* 1946 in Munich

was fascinated by the idea of a literary career from an early age, and commenced work on her first book directly after her studies, as an after-hours project while she worked as a teacher. Once her two children, Isabella and Cordula, had started their schooling, she was able to devote herself full-time to her writing.
Sagas and legends are among her interests, in addition to general history and local history. Numerous children's books and youth books centred around philosophical myths have flowed from the pen of this author.
This native of Munich and passionate traveller is married to renowned photographer and architect Heinz Schinzel, and has penned more than 20 books.

In 2005 she published "Castle Linderhof - royal palace and parklands" in collaboration with Klaus Höldrich.


Linderhof Palace

Royal palace and praklands