Markus Richter

* 1972 in Füssen/Allgäu

1992-1995 studies toward high school teaching qualification, University of Augsburg. Employed as curator at the Bavarian State Administration for Palaces, Gardens and Lakes since 1996, and assistant castellan of Neuschwanstein Palace since 2001.
Married, with three children.

His book "Neuschwanstein - Neuschwanstein - Dream palace of the Fairytale King" was published by TopSpot-Guide in 2006; this was followed by "The heroic sagas of Neuschwanstein" in 2007 and "Ludwig and Poldi" in 2010.



Dream castle of the Fairytale King

Heroic Sagas

of Neuschwanstein

Ludwig and Poldi

the ghost of Neuschwanstein