Dr. Angelika Taube

* 1956

Studied history and linguistics at the University of Leipzig, and graduated with a doctorate in history in 1989. In 1981 she became a museum research associate.
Since 1991 she has been director of the State Castles Administration: Fortress Königstein, and managing director of Festung Königstein gGmbH since 2000.

Her paperback "Festung Königstein - Zur Geschichte eines Baudenkmals der Sächsischen Schweiz" was published by the private publishing works of the Königstein Fortress Museum in 1990. In 2000 it was re-released in a revised edition, by Edition Leipzig.
She has since written numerous articles on the history and use of Königstein Fortress for various publishers, among which is her 2006 book "Fortress Königstein: The mountain fortress of Saxon Switzerland", published as part of the TopSpot Guides series.


Angelika Taube

Königstein Fortress

The mountain fortress of Saxon Switzerland